Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New job.

I am so excited about my new job as the merchandising manager at the K-mart on Market St!!!! I just got finished doing the first window and it looks awesome! All the mannequins are wearing HOT brands such as Jennifer Lopez, Baby Phat, Calvin Klein, Nautica, Jnco, Happy Bunny, and, of course, Looney Tunes! It goes from street to country club in such a subtle transition! Because it's getting warmer, I have all of them wearing the brightest and newest colors of Crocs! Those are a hot seller! They're all standing in the window surrounded by some really funky home furnishings by Martha Stewart because I know Philadelphia is full of young, crazy couples who like to spice up their home. I have one of the little guys carrying a Tony Hawk skateboard to appeal to the alternative parents too. They'll walk past my window and their little punksters will say, "Hey, look at that cool skateboard! Can we go in there??" I also thought it would be a fun little extra to put in rims to catch the "ghetto" demographic of Market Street. I know a lot of the customers of that K-mart don't have cars, but I think K-mart's fine line of rims will really fly off the shelf when people see them gleaming in the bright sunshine, whether the buyers have cars or not. Also, because of the way the rims are displayed, sans car, I think it will give people inspiration to use them as more than just auto parts. Maybe even decorative pieces to tie any room together! There's really something for everyone in my window.

I think with the other window, the theme is going to be "Summer Fun" and I'll have a little baby pool and all the mannequins displaying the latest bathing suits with bright colored sunglasses and Crocs flip flops! I know, I was excited to hear that they were coming out with them too! Who knew they could make something even more comfortable than the original? They're lighter and more breathable, but still have the holes in the thong strap, so that small inch on the top of your foot can breathe! They really do think of everything. In the "Summer Fun" window, I thought it might be great to showcase our great line of grills with the "dad" Bar-B-Qing and show off our large selection of the newest tunes by having the "teenager" listening to one of our cool white Sony Discmans holding on to the new Danity Kane CD! That CD is track after track hits! I listen to it every day on the way to work! You might see me dancing in my car in traffic on 76 any given morning. LOL!

Anyways, this job is so exciting and I really love it. It gives me a chance to be original and unique and really show people all the great products K-mart has to offer. They have definitely upgraded! Especially with hiring me! LOL! No, but seriously, the last person there had one mannequin in each window and the winter mannequins were only wearing coats. She called it minimal design, but I call it lazy! People want to see bright colors and tons of things in the window! That is one thing I've learned in this business--people like to look at stuff. Enough said.

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