Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Stussy, Puma, Nike SB, Supreme, and Futura Colabo

I'm sure that you, my fellow world weary sneaker freak/hype beast bloggers  know, there is a dream team of mythic streetwear proportions that has been working on what will surely be the sneaker of the year.  
Streetwear giants Stussy, Puma, Nike SB, Supreme and Futura have created one-of-a-kind exclusives that, after six months of design work, will be hitting the sparsely stocked shelves of your local sneaker boutique this summer (just in time for that much anticipated t-shirt series from the A Bathing Ape, Bearbrick, Urban Outfitters, American Apparel colabo).

These will be sold in three exclusive color-ways (Red, Black and White) with interchangeable laces for only about $550.00.
And incase you have been living under a rock, trust me when I say you are gonna want to be up on the release date so you can grab a good spot in the line that is sure to be outside of the store.  
Screw saving enough money to move out of your mom's house.  These will with out a doubt get you laid by some 1/4 black, body-suit wearing female Urban employee.



Moxie said...

I'm already in line as I type.

Kyle Dunn said...

I've had those for like the past 10 months. I'm too streetwear for streetwear.